About Us


We schedule most Primary Care visits for same day or next day appointments. Certain medical visits at the discretion of the physician, along with Weight Loss and Laser services will require advanced scheduling. Advanced scheduling will be given up to 3 weeks in advance. We will try to accommodate late arrivals but they may be rescheduled.


Medication Refills

If your condition is stable, refills will be authorized without being seen in the office for up to 6 months. Birth control will be given with a 1 year supply. Call your pharmacy for the refill, they will fax a refill form to our office. Turn around time for refills will be up to 1 week.  Appetite Suppressants and Laser Treatment related prescriptions will not be refilled without seeing a provider in the office.


Blood Draw

Phlebotomy services is provided in our office to all patients.  However, we may send individuals to the laboratory if we are unable to draw blood or if the tests require special handling.

Appointment Cancellation

Appointments scheduled in advance are subject to a No Show Fee if not cancelled 1 day prior. The Fee is variable depending on whether your appointment is for Primary Care, Weight Loss or Laser services.  The fee is due at the next visit in addition to any co-payment or treatment costs.


Office Hours

Monday - Thursday       9AM - 5PM  Lunch 1PM - 2PM
Friday                             9AM - 1PM


Co-payment and Accepted Payment Methods

Co-pays are due at time of visit.  We accept VISA, Discover, AMEX, MC, Cash, and Money Orders.  We do not accept checks for in office payments.


Phone Calls 

Messages for the physician will be reviewed by the physician but responses may be called in by the office staff.  Call return time may be up to 48 hours.  If the issue can not be resolved by phone, the patient may be advised make an appointment to see the doctor.


Test Results

Patients will be notified of test results by phone.  However patients are advised to call the office if they have not been notified of the test results within 2 weeks of completing the test. 
Forms Completion and Letters

There is a charge to write letters and complete all forms that are brought in by the patient for completion.  For all letters that the physician or office staff writes, there is a flat fee of $10 per letter.
For any forms that need signatures or other information to be completed by the office staff or physician, there is a $5 fee per page for each page that requires input or signature.